State of Florida eProcurement Service

Department of Management Services

Ordering Instructions for Respect of Florida Products



To obtain products and/or product configurations with FL contract pricing please contact:


Respect of Florida


RESPECT Customer Service
850-487-1471 ext. 106



Steps to Place an Order:


  1. Contact vendor listed above to obtain updated FL pricing for products and/or product configurations
  2. Provide vendor with your eRequisition number
  3. Vendor will email you an official quote, referencing your eRequisition number, with FL pricing
  4. Save the quote on your computer
  5. Return to your saved eRequisition and select Edit
  6. Click on “Add Items”
  7. Click on the “Create Non-Catalog Item” button
  8. In the field titled “Full Description”, type in “RESPECT Products per Term Contract - Respect of Florida
  9. In the field titled “Commodity Code”, click on the drop down, select Other and search for:

991450 for Janitorial Services

991585 for Office Support Services

991540 for Microfilming Services

  1. In the field titled “Supplier”, click on the drop down, select Other, and then search for Respect of Florida
  2. In the field titled “Quantity”, type “1” as the quantity of your order
  3. In the field titled “Unit of Measure”, leave the default EACH
  4. In the field titled “Price”, type in the total price as provided by the vendor’s quote with FL pricing
  5. Complete all other appropriate information on this page and click Next
  6. Complete the Shipping and Accounting screens appropriately
  7. Within the Comments section, in the “Comments – Entire eRequisition” comments box, type in the following “See attached quote #xxxxx
  8. Click Add Attachment, browse for the saved quote on your computer, select it, and click OK
  9. Make sure the attachment name appears below the comments box
  10. Continue your order placement process and submit your eRequisition





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